‘La Education Prohibida’ film – food for thought

“Education is either for liberation or domestication” Paulo Freire

I read an interview with Alan Moore today in which he mentioned that Wilhelm Wundt was a key figure in the development of what we think of as the typical model of universal free education. I looked up Wilhelm Wundt – the man who developed the first ever laboratory dedicated to experimental psychology – and ended up watching ‘La Education Prohibida’ which is an excellent film exploring education from a ‘how-we-learn’ point of view rather than from a political or administrative point of view. It does include a summary of how our current education system was born (at 16 min.) This doesn’t mention Wilhelm Wundt but it raises the same very important questions that Alan Moore raises in his interview.

I highly recommend watching this. Be aware that it is two and a half hours long. It’s a South American film in Spanish, just click on captions and choose ‘English’ if you don’t speak Spanish.
The depth of thought in this film about what learning really is makes the 200 or so comments beneath today’s Guardian article on ‘Teach First’, including my own, look ridiculous


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