The Creeps

I had been planning to write a response to an article written for Civitas* about the ‘progressive’ ideas of ‘the blob’ (teachers, schools, lecturers, universities etc). You can read an article summing up the paper (full title: Prisoners of the Blob: Why Most Education Experts are Wrong About Everything) here:


or you can read the full booklet here:

Click to access PrisonersofTheBlob.pdf

I’ve been saved the trouble of writing this article by the excellent Debra Kidd:

Better a Blob than a Knob..

* Civitas are a right-of-centre Think Tank set up in 2000; if you’ve been reading recently about how Ofsted are way too progressive and should be scrapped it’s largely because of Civitas. With Ofsted declaring various free schools and academies as ‘in need of improvement’ and ‘inadequate’ the obvious thing to do is attack Ofsted! But how to do this? Employ some foot soldiers – or creeps if you prefer – like Daisy Christodoulou (Ark Academies) and Toby Young (a free-schooler) to bash ‘progressive’ thinkers in education like John Dewey, Rousseau, Ken Robinson – I’m not making this up – and eventually the public will surely get behind the idea. Much as I dislike what Ofsted have done to teacher morale over the last twenty five years the idea of Civitas and Gove helping influence the design of a new inspectorate is appalling. Consider once more the title of Young’s booklet: Why Most Education Experts Are Wrong About Everything. Of course it’s intended as a wind-up but it does imply the answer must surely be to have people who are not educational experts running things. Why not Gove and Young?!

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