Let’s Privatise The Air

Diane Ravitch has written the foreword to a new book by Anthony Cody entitled The Educator and the Oligarch. He is a teacher who has tried to explain to Bill Gates why his ideas are wrong. Here is a link to what she wrote:


Is it really so radical to want educators to have a meaningful influence in the education debate?

If you’re pressed for time here is a single quote that captures the essence of what we’re talking about here:

“With his blog as his platform, Anthony Cody trained his sights on the Gates Foundation. While others feared to criticize the richest foundation in the United States, Cody regularly devoted blogs to questioning its ideas and programs. He questioned its focus on standardized testing. He questioned its belief that teachers should be judged by the test scores of their students. He questioned its support for organizations that are anti-union and anti-teacher. He questioned its decision to create new organizations of young teachers to act as a fifth column within teachers’ unions, ready to testify in legislative hearings against the interests of teachers and unions.”

Examinations: A Poor Diet

I like what the ‘Colourstrings’ organisation have to say about exams. We can all learn from the philosophy expressed here. In the current climate of exam anxiety it takes guts to look at learning in this way. Click on the photo to enlarge it.