Some links
Unhelpful and excessively critical observations are also happening over the pond in the USA and note the positive responses to this BLOG
A disillusioned and frustrated teacher lets off steam

Click to access MF%20-%20Alex%20Bloom%20-%20Pioneer%20of%20Radical%20State%20Education.pdf

Alex Bloom is one of the greatest figures of radical state education in Britain; he opened St George-in-the East on Cable Street in Stepney in 1945; it was way ahead of its time; follow the link to learn more
Again, this site helps teachers through difficult times (money problems, bereavement, mental illness, stress etc.)
TES ‘Workplace Dilemmas’ Forum
Don’t listen to the government! Find out what experts think about Primary Education
Formed in 1966, Libertarian Education questions the underlying assumptions of ordinary schooling and seeks to promote democratic alternatives in order to liberate and empower the learner; a forum for information and debate.
Working constantly to analyse the very latest in the murky world of English state education; articles added nearly every day; if you want to know exactly how far down the privatisation route we’ve got then visit this website
Always ready to point out the absurdities and the flaws of mass schooling as we know it; he works hard to point out, as clearly as possible, that alternatives really are available to us, and they are probably more fun too!
David Gribble’s ‘Catalogue of Damage’ drawing attention to the many different ways that any school may work against rather than for the best interests of children

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