Teachers have a reputation for grumbling and moaning. This site is, of course, an open invitation to let off steam about anything that frustrates or depresses you as a teacher. However the intention is to put the complaints of today’s teachers into a cultural and historical context.

This site is not here to complain about

–         how much teachers are paid (you knew how much teachers get paid before you entered the profession)

–         work/life balance (teaching is a profession, it’s bound to take up quite a lot of your time. If you are given too much work then JUST SAY NO!)

–         individual ‘line-managers’ or individual senior management

–         out-of-control pupils

This website is AGAINST all of the following:

  • privatisation of education
  • deskilling of teachers
  • punitive policing by Ofsted
  • endless new initiatives
  • excessive government prescription of what and how to teach
  • distortion of reality to fit an officially sanctioned appearance

This website is FOR all of the following

–         teacher autonomy

–         teacher integrity

–         teaching as a collegiate profession

The website is a place of reference and communication for teachers who are confused, frustrated and stressed out by their ongoing compliance to often illogical and endlessly shifting requirements.

Some teachers may be unwilling to challenge or even question what they are being told to do. Others may find that their time is so limited that it is simply unproductive to become involved in wider debates about the quality and purpose of education. But there may be some teachers who know they are disgruntled with good reason and who consider it a worthwhile use of time to join up the FRAGMENTS OF DISSENT to help  produce a distinct and viable alternative.

One comment on “About

  1. Sarah Amsler says:

    Hello Jenny — I’d like to send some information about an upcoming symposium at the University of Lincoln on May 8th, ‘Prefiguring Democratic Education’, in case you or anyone you know might be interested. Can’t find an email to send it to, so please do let me know if you’d like more details. Thanks! Sarah A.

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